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AN Empowering & Unique EXperience 


“Bringing back the era of sexy, tasteful photos, one pin-up at a time.”
--Philadelphia CBS 3 News

Celeste Giuliano Pinup Photographer

Why choose Pin-up?

Pin-up photography celebrates all women! The experience of posing as a confident pin-up girl is a positive, life changing experience. Past the flirtatious smile and garter belt, is a woman who is having the time of her life showcasing her beauty and strength.

What I offer is not simply photos but a unique, one-of-a kind Experience. At my studio, we are women supporting women and empowering women! This is a judgement free zone where you will receive much encouragement, many praises and high-fives. I’ll guide you through the entire process, including choosing the most complementary outfits and most flattering poses so we can create show stopping images.

Now is the time to capture, enjoy and celebrate just how amazing you are!

Pin-up Girl

Thank you so much for this ridiculously empowering experience.

I am so grateful for you and the talents that you share with all of us!

-- Kristann M.

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