Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, or speak to someone in our office, please call (317) 426-8855. Also you can an appointment without assistance by pressing button “BOOK NOW”.

How long will the treatment take?

The length of your treatment depends on a number of factors such as the nature of your illness, how long you have had it, your response to remedies and your present life circumstances. Normally I recommend that people be treated for three month at which time I can provide a prognosis for future treatment.

Are weekend appointments available?

Regrettably no.

Where is the office?

Our office is located at 210 East 91st Street, Suite B, Indianapolis, 46240

What is the holistic approach to healthcare?

Holistic medicine considers the human body as a whole, taking into account the relationship between different organs and systems of the organism. Holistic approach activates your self-healing reactions and strengthens your defense mechanism. "[T]hat as you ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head, or the head without the body, so neither ought you attempt to cure the body without the soul.” — Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

How do I pay for my consultations?

Cash, check, MasterCard or Visa, Health Savings or Flexible Spending accounts.

Will insurance cover your services?

It is unlikely that an insurance company will cover Homeopathic care or Manual Osteopathy treatment, except in instances when a medical doctor prescribes homeopathic care and the insurance company agrees to pay for specialty care when prescribed by a medical doctor.


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