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  • Why should I choose Celeste Giuliano Photography?
    Celeste Giuliano Photography only offers the highest quality images and products. By choosing my studio, you are making your decision based on thousands of satisfied customers and years of experience. My studio was the very first of its kind! I can proudly say the studio has the largest selection of wardrobe, props and accessories on the East Coast. With two published pin-up art books, rest assured, I am dedicated to retro photography and love pin-ups! My styling team are working professionals with years of experience. We are very passionate about our clients and the work we produce. This is the reason the studio has continued to grow and the reason we are consistently booked months in advance. Hundreds of regular customers choose to pose with us year after year. They not only enjoy working with us but also appreciate our level of professionalism, attention to detail and the quality we offer.
  • How do I book my Pin-up Experience?
    Visit the Pin-up Experience& Pricing Page for more information on booking!
  • How far in advance should I book my Experience?
    I am fortunate enough to work with women from all over the world who travel to Philadelphia just for their photo shoot. Due to this, my schedule is normally booked about 1-2 months in advance for weekends. If you are interested in a weekday session, I may be able to accommodate you sooner.
  • I’ve never had a professional photo shoot and I am nervous. Will you help with facial expressions and posing?
    Don't worry at all! Just arrive with a smile and be prepared to have the Experience of a lifetime! Most of my clients have no modeling experience. They are looking for a unique portrait of themselves. My team and I take great care to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as you step in the door. Prior to the shoot, we will practice poses and facial expressions that will help give you the skills and confidence, so we can create amazing photos together! I’ll be directing and posing alongside you throughout the photo shoot. Time and time again, I hear that my pin-ups were amazed at how easy, relaxed and comfortable they felt during the entire Experience. My team and I are you’re biggest fans and we will take care of you every step of the way!
  • Do you provide wardrobe, shoes and accessories?"
    I have have spent years building and curating an extensive wardrobe collection for my pin-ups. Wardrobe sizes ranges from a woman's size 0 to a size 20. This includes everything from dresses, skirts, shorts and tops to swimsuits, lingerie and some specialty costumes. If you require wardrobe in other sizes, I am happy to give you wardrobe suggestions and online retailers where you they can be purchased. I also offer heels (sizes 5-11), garters and even thigh highs! ! In most cases, all you need to bring are the appropriate undergarments. I’ll l let you know those exact undergarments during out pre-shoot consultation. I only provide women's clothing. All other clothing for men or children need to be provided by the client.
  • Can I bring my own clothing?
    Yes, absolutely! You are also welcome to mix and match the studio’s wardrobe pieces with yours. The studio has a huge wardrobe selection. I've also have had clients purchase lingerie or wardrobe specifically for their Experience. Regardless of whose wardrobe you are using, there are specific undergarments that I'lll ask you bring for the shoot.
  • Will I wear fake eyelashes for my photos?
    A pin-up is not complete without her lashes! My makeup artist provides various styles of false lashes. She will match your eye shape with the perfect lash style. If you have lash extensions, you may not want or need to use fake lashes. We will discuss options with the makeup artist that day.
  • I have very short hair, fine hair, natural hair or wear a wig. Can you style me as a pin-up?"
    Absolutely! My stylists have worked with women of all hair lengths and styles. We have tons of accessories such as hair flowers, hats and scarves that can be used to create various styles. The studio does have a limited assortment of ponytail hair pieces. You are welcome to bring wigs or matching clip-in extensions if you wish to enhance your look. Clip-in extensions that can withstand high heat work best as some synthetic hair will not withstand high heat pin-up styling. There may be an additional fee if adding clip-in extensions. If you have any specific questions or concerns about the hair styling please contact me.
  • Can you disguise any scarring, blemishes, tattoos, etc in my photos?"
    Yes, of course! This should not hinder you from posing as a pin-up. Figure flattering posing, styling, photo retouching and sometimes cosmetics can help to disguise or hide areas. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask or mention them at the time of the pre-shoot consultation.
  • What is the pre-shoot consultation?
    Pre-shoot consultations are offered via the phone or email. They are scheduled once you have paid your non-refundable retainer fee to reserve your date. During the consult, we will discuss your ideas, themes, wardrobe and how to prep for your Experience. I will also answer any questions you may have! On the day of your shoot, you will have the opportunity to try on and pick out wardrobe.
  • What does my Experience day and photo shoot entail?
    Becoming a pin-up couldn’t be easier, more relaxing or more authentic then at Celeste Giuliano Photography! On the day of your photo shoot, be prepared to relax and have fun! Your Experience will begin by trying on and picking out your wardrobe. I will help to style you to fit your chosen theme(s). Then it is time to start with hair and makeup. This takes approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours. It is important that you eat a little something prior to arriving. After your hair and makeup styling are complete, you will change into your wardrobe and pick out accessories. Then, will review facial expressions and posing tips. Now you are ready to step onto the set and the photo shoot fun will begin! With each theme, I’ll photograph you in a variety of poses. I will also guide you throughout the entire shoot with posing and facial expressions. For Experiences with multiple themes, we will change your wardrobe, give you a different retro hairstyle and build onto the makeup. This way you’ll have a completely different look for each theme and lots of variety! Check out our feature on FOX NEWS for a behind the scenes look into your Experience.
  • Can I bring someone with me to the photo shoot?
    Photo shoots are reserved to clients only. I have found through experience, it is much easier for my pin-ups to pose and for me to capture the best images when there isn’t an audience watching. I promise you are in good hands! My team and I will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. If you have a special circumstance and need a female friend or family member to accompany you to the shoot, that is not a problem! Just let me know advance and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  • Will my photos be posted on your website or your social media? What if I don’t want my images seen by anyone else?
    The photos featured on the website and social media are clients who have allowed me to use their images. I understand that some images are meant to be private so your photos will never be posted online unless you’ve give permission with a signed release form.
  • Can I shoot with a car or motorcycle?
    The studio is not able to accommodate cars or motorcycles. Photos with your vehicles must be done on location. Pricing for location shoots is based on the location, travel time, etc. Please email me with info for a pricing estimate.
  • Do you sell Gift Certificates?
    Absolutely! Gift Certificates are offered in amounts ranging from $100 to the full Experience price. Gift certificates can be redeemed for any Experiences except the Special Themed Experiences that are offered a few times a year. Gift certificates are non-refundable and must be redeemed within one year from the purchase date. Please contact me to purchase a gift certificate.
  • What does the Experience fee cover?
    Your Experience fee reserves your time in the studio with myself as well as my hair and makeup artist. Included is a pre-shoot consultation, access to the studio’s extensive wardrobe closet, use of the prop collection, hair and makeup styling and an online proofing gallery of your images. All images are purchased separately.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can view the cancellation policy here.
  • What is your turnaround time?
    Approximately 1 week after your shoot, you will receive a password secured, online proofing gallery. After placing your order, please allow approximately 4 weeks processing time for retouching and printing. Some specialty products may take longer to process and ship. During the holiday season, turnaround time may take 5-6 weeks. Your proofing gallery will stay online for 2 months. You can place as many orders as you like within that time frame. Depending on my schedule, I may be able to offer you a rush on your order for an additional fee. Please contact the studio with your deadline date for information.
  • Do you offer payment plans for ordering keepsake products?
    Yes, I want to make this as easy and manageable as possible so payment plans for the purchase of your products is available through Paypal credit. With Paypal credit you receive your products in my normal turnaround time and still have 6 months to pay off the products interest free. Apply for Paypal credit HERE. It’s super easy and you have 6 months to make payments without interest!
  • Do you retouch/airbrush the images?
    All photos purchased always include retouching. Skin will be smoothed to eliminate stretch marks, blemishes, bruises, scars, cellulite etc. I take the time to airbrush and retouch each individual photo by hand. This allows me to personally make sure each photo you order is perfect. Due to this lengthy retouching process, only the images you order will receive retouching. If you have any special retouching requests, you can make note of those requests at the time of ordering.
  • Do I receive a proof of every photo you take?
    I take pride in the artwork my team and I produce for our clients and believe in quality over quantity. Clients hire us based on our skills, expertise, artistic eye and editing abilities. Oftentimes, receiving hundreds of un-edited images is overwhelming and very time consuming for clients to sift through. With each theme, I will take a variety of photos. During the editing process, I will do the job of eliminating the images that have eyes closed, poor posture etc. By doing a pre-editing process, this makes viewing your proofs a more pleasant, much easier and less time consuming process for you.
  • Can I receive all of the unedited RAW images from my shoot?
    I always want to provide you with the highest quality photos from your Experience. Due to my artistic standards, I do not sell or provide un-retouched, RAW images. Once you choose and order the images you would like from your online proofing gallery, I will take the time to airbrush and retouch each individual photo.
  • What does the day entail?
    During your party, everyone will receive professional hair and makeup as well as an individual photo shoot in one theme of their choice. At the end of the day, I will also take a few group photos of the entire party to commemorate the day!
  • How many people are required to book the Pin-up Party?
    The Pin-up Parties are for groups of 3-4.
  • How long does the Pin-up Party last?
    Time varies depending on the amount of women participating. Expect to spend approx. 5-7 hours in the studio. Due to the time required for hair, makeup and photos the maximum number of people that can be accommodated in one day is 4.
  • How do the consults work for the Pinup Parties?
    Each client receives an individual consultation which can be done via the phone or email.
  • Can we bring food/drink to the studio?
    Yes but please do not bring any hard liquor or beer to the studio. If you bring alcohol, it can be either wine or champagne. Please also do not bring an excessive amount. One or two glasses to loosen up for the photos is fine but you need to be steady on your feet and not flushed for your photos.
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